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Kymberee Raya Volunteer


pay it foward people!

Kymberlee doesn't take giving back lightly. 

In fact friends, she is extremely passionate about helping others. She has been a team leader for Chicago Cares for over a decade. She won a Leader award for Chicago Cares and was recognized at their annual award banquet. She has been a Team Leader for their annual Serva-Thon for almost a decade. 

Kymberlee takes volunteering so seriously, she spent her last birthday gathering a group of women and spent her day helping children with special needs at Keen Chicago.

She helped feed the homeless at Pacific Garden Mission. She brought a group of Girl Gang Chicago members and fed hundreds of men, women and children.

Her dance and fitness studio, Fly Girl Dance and Fitness, collected over 500+ purses for women in need - through the BIBO organization.

This woman has even taken the shirt off her back at the Street Samaritan help the homeless event. 

Kymberlee was selected to be a KINDNESS AMBASSADOR for the Random Acts of Kindess Foundation. She and 29 other people will travel to Colorado in 2020 for a three day intensive conference to take part in their KINDNESS EXPERIENCE.

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