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from kimberly to kymberlee...

Well let's just say I didn't want to be like everyone else...

I knew at a very early age I was going to STAND OUT. I knew that I wanted to be a leader and really motivate other people. From my first experience as a 7th grade cheerleader to trying out for the Chicago Bulls LuvABulls - I was a driven competitor and loved the spotlight.

You see...cheerleading really set the stage for my life-long journey of being part of a team. It taught me winning - it taught me losing. It shaped my work ethic, my personal development and my continued thirst for more. 

At a young age I knew I couldn't be one of seven Kimberlys in my kindergarten class. I wouldn't have it! Something had to change and it had to be done immediately. "Kymberlee" was going to be the new, branded, spelling and I would live up to my own expectations of hard work and determination to stand out.

Over the years I have been given amazing opportunities to stand out - but I have also worked extremely hard to make certain I deliver the very best in speaking, presenting fitness classes and mentoring others. I crave new learning experiences and I pride myself on failing again and again before I can hone in on perfection. Without the falling down I have experienced over the years, without the doors slammed, without the big fat "NO"s being said - I'd never be where I am today! 

I started my very own marketing business out of the shear fact I wanted to be home with my first born. Almost 20 years later I'm blessed to say I am referral only and absolutely love the marketing clients I work with!

Four years ago I opened up Fly Girl Dance & Fitness. The studio have evolved into a #GirlPower group of empowered women -all there for the common goal of working out, supporting each other and feeling great! I could have never asked for a better neighborhood to introduce this studio to and I'm blessed every time I walk in and see a packed group of women working out...together.

I'll continue on this journey of STANDING OUT, making a BIG FAT difference and paying it forward. My goal is simple. Impact the most lives before I leave this earth.


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