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Email must haves

Get it right or I'm gonna hunt you down!

Let's make 2019 f'n AMAZING! You know I love me some social media marketing...but let's not forget the power of email marketing! At Big Shot Marketing, we make sure to integrate email in our overall marketing plan!

So maybe they don't open it Kymberlee!? What the hell then!? All my work on the creative, all my work on designing the perfect content...why spend the time if they don't open it!? PULL yourself together little marketing friend. If they see if in their inbox - it was a "touch point"! They saw it! They saw YOU! Consider it another way you can stay in front of your audiences! Not everyone loves to open you emails!? Ok ok...maybe your Mother does - but I can't take that to the bank and CASH IT now can I!?

In the end I want to have as many interactions with my client's potential audiences as I can and email marketing is a GREAT way to reach new clients, remind old ones you're still alive and continue to be top-of-mind in a very crowded advertising and marketing space.

So throw on your seat belt and eyes on the road! 2019 will be a fabulous year for you and by tweaking your email marketing strategy - you will be adding to the overall marketing plan and success this coming year! Now get on that!

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