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Who doesn't want a bigger following online!?

I really shouldn't be driving and ranting...but here goes!

I had a conversation with a client recently - and she wants a bigger following online. I told her that half my day was following "keywords" - not just posting to my social media platforms. I think a light bulb went on for her! So I wanted to share it with you - you little social media marketing sponge!

Remember to follow hashtags on Instagram - it really helps build a following. I follow things like #socialmediachicago #marketingchicago #socialmediaspeaker - so anyone using this hashtag in their posts - may be a more "targeted lead" for me! I like EVERYTHING they're posting so I can get their attention...and the possible follow!

And don't forget manners people! Just like "back in the day" it is important to stay in front of your audience. No one likes to pick up the phone today, but we can hit that cute little LIKE button on posts that may be from someone who could benefit from your product or service. Stay TOP OF MIND by liking their babies, kitties, and burnt pot roast pictures. It really does work!

So leave with these two concepts - FOLLOW relevant hashtags online and LIKE posts from the people that can buy from you! Now...go get on this!

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