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Good things come in 3s

I get it. Everyone thinks social media marketing is this magically difficult strategy. They are overwhelmed by daily posting, confused about going LIVE and hashtags have them pulling out their hair.

I'm here to hold your cute little hand. I'm going to tell you EVERYTHING is going to be alright friend. Let's go back to the 90's (not that I was around...wink wink). Life was simple. Marketing was simple. Design a post card and pray it works! Well the days of a woman standing over the garbage can (90% of the time) - with that cute little clipart postcard are GONE (with the wind)!

It's diet and exercise people! Grab your thigh master and let's get down to work! Set your goals for Pete's sake! You can't throw things at the wall and hope they work. Come up with a content calendar. Use Excel...I don't care...just get it done. Mix it up like a good bartender and create content that is compelling, tells a story and is authentic. No one likes a "copy and paster" now do we!?

It's your business so ACT LIKE IT! Your niece is not a social media marketer, your sister-in-law is not a marketer and neither is your nineteen year old nephew! You're in charge of this marketing ship - so come up with content that enlightens your audience and target market(s). Use way more video to highlight, explain and be in the moment.

At the end of the day providing good content to your audience will trump throwing things at the wall. Plan ahead, measure twice and cut once and use your manners!

Until next time friend...

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