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Email rant

C'mon know you're deleting emails BRIGHT AND EARLY on Mondays and you're doing the same darn thing Friday afternoon! Why would you send an important email on a Monday morning!? (Insert me banging my head against a glitter wall!)

I'm tired of clients saying that email marketing is dead. IT IS NOT is alive, breathing and living the high life downtown Chicago! Get on YO game!

Be smart...maybe they never open your precious email. Maybe they only see it in their feed of 5,072 emails. You still WIN my little friend. It's a touch point. It's a reminder. It's a OH YEAH maybe I should reach out to Kymberlee for some social media marketing assistance. All because they say my cute little name and subject line in their feed.

So don't spend 14 days and 3 sleepless nights creating it. They might not even open it! Or better yet - create a video! Who reads today anyway!? Society is chock-full with A.D.D. and Time is of the essence! HURRY HURRY HURRY! I can't read today because I have 9,456 things to get done. (There's therapy for that my friend!)

Come up with content that engages. Provide a chicken McNugget so they want to buy the whole darn Happy Meal from you! Be a resource. Be creative. Be concise and for Pete's sake - be nice! (Who the heck is Pete anyway?!)

Happy Marketing Amigos!

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